We provide you with scope of work, product selections, detailed plans, and an itemized estimate so you can understand the details of the project budget. Once the design and budget are approved, we will move towards construction by finalizing scope and materials selection. Below is our 5 Step Design Build Process that contributes to the success of our clients’ projects:

STEP 1: Design Consultation

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of designers to discuss your project. We will focus on learning more about your project and what your goals are for your project and you have the opportunity get learn a bit more about us. 

STEP 2: Design Development and Budgetary Estimate

Once you have entered into a design agreement, we will provide you with a detailed estimate based on your design criteria. 

STEP 3: Preconstruction

For us, this is where the rubber hits the road. Our professional designers and project team will work with you to finalize material selections and refine the scope of your project. Material orders can then be finalized so that when the materials have arrived, we can get to work.  Additional site investigations can be executed at this time to eliminate surprises when we begin construction. Preconstruction planning reduces the potential for missed orders and unexpected cost increases.

STEP 4: Construction

Prior to beginning work we will perform a project walk through where the assigned Project Manager will review the scope of work and discuss logistics with you, such as your work schedule, pet considerations and anything unique to your lifestyle. At this time, we will give you a project schedule and review the timeline of your project and key dates so that you have a clear understanding of how the work is to proceed.

STEP 5: Project Close Out

We begin every project with the end in mind. Throughout the life of your project we are planning for the end so that when we complete the job you can enjoy it! During construction, our team is constantly performing quality checks on our own personnel and subs to eliminate call backs or punch list items that can bog down project completion.

Our process is designed to provide professional communication throughout the duration of the project and provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue eliminating delays and preventing surprises.