What sets us Apart from the Rest?

“A Personal Message from the President”

I decided to share this message with you because I know that remodeling is a stressful process and that who you decide to” team with” for your remodel is so very critical to a successful outcome. Take notice that I used the term “team with” rather than what company you hire. A successful remodel project is a team effort where the contractor must be on your side of the table and must work on your behalf. Conversely you must trust and respect your contractor. IF YOU DON’T…DO NOT HIRE HIM. It will be an uncomfortable experience.

I offer the following to give you a little in-site into who we are as a company.

I came into this world the son of a Farmer who could build or work on about anything, and I was always under his feet taking it all in. I loved to help my Dad and He taught me the joy of work. In college I received a Business Degree and profited from a long career in sales, marketing and operations in the electronics industry. While I enjoyed the fruits of my labor I gradually realized that I wanted more than sales and production numbers rewarded with bonus checks.

It took a while, a mid life crises of sorts, but I finally realized that what really energized me was sharing the joy of my clients from what I built for them. Not just physically beautiful spaces but solving usage problems for how a family functions in their home.

We now know as a company that the joy of a client encompasses much more than just what we build for them, it is the whole experience that in the beginning was to them exciting but at the same time was a little scary. It’s feeling what they feel, the fear, the excitement, the trepidation and the uncertainly of how to get started. Its seeing the joy in a child’s face as they show off their new room or watching a client float around their new kitchen.

We have found that the reputation for how you treat people far outweighs any piece of work that we do for them. I’m not saying that quality and results are not important, they are a given, but how others look at you as a person will give you the opportunities that you need to demonstrate that you can do the job. I have always tried to respect the trust that people have in me, and I believe that this company's actions in the way we do business reflect my personal beliefs.

I keep this trust factor in mind when we hire employees or subcontractors. It’s tough to find good people with skills in our business, so we hire employees for who they are and train them to do a quality job. We explain to our clients in our first meeting that hiring low cost subs or employees to work on their home is not in their best interest and that we must be 100% sure that we can trust them in our client’s home even though it may cost a little more. As a result we often hear how much our client enjoyed having all the guys, “the family”, around working on their home. We have invaded their space, created dust, moved dads favorite chair to the storage unit and generally disrupted their whole life for a number of weeks, and they say they have enjoyed the experience.

The remodeling industry is plagued with less than professional and honest contractors doing less than acceptable work. Joy is always welcomed from a satisfied client, but none is sweeter than that of a client that we have rescued from tears of dismay and law suits to tears of joy over the results of our hard work. We can all tell stories about wonderful clients but I will always remember Nell who broke down in tears over the damage done to her home by the previous contractor. Yes the work was bad, but I also sensed that she was very particular about her home. It was her response to my words of encouragement that convinced me that Nell would be patient and trusting with us. The original work increased six fold and we have done several additional projects for Nell. As she always says “we are family now”.

I don’t want to give the impression that we are perfect, far from it. I think the measure of a person or an organization is how you respond to and solve problems. Honoring commitments is one of the biggest problems with contractors. Many will not even make a commitment let alone keep one. We can say almost without exception that we work hard at communication and when we have schedule slips or problems with suppliers or subs, we work hard to keep the client informed and that we are constantly improving our systems to improve our performance.

I ask that you will give us the opportunity to show you what we are made of.

Best Regards,

David P. Hawk
President, Hawk Construction, Inc.